Who am I? Where am I from? What do I do? Should I hire him?
These are the questions which brought you here.
Born on a beach in California. My lifelong journey in the graphic arts began in San Francisco. The words “no dot-com(ers)” were just starting to appear on apartment listings. My email address was jeff@hotmail.com. And, it was the heyday of print magazines. David Carson (Ray Gun), Tibor Kalman (Colors), and Shepard Fairy were kings in my eyes. I split my time studying communication arts and doing a live-in internship at *Surface Magazine.
 That’s my origin story. But, It’s what’s happened since then that has made me the experienced, competent, and adaptable designer I am today.
I have worked as an art director, graphic designer, and studio artist in New York City, San Francisco and Berlin.
My hobbies are photography, cycling and traveling. I have the most fun when I can combine all three at once.
Design, Image correction, prepress and so much more. When it comes to print design I offer a complete package. 
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