For over 10 years I’ve worked as a graphic designer, art director and production artist in New York, San Francisco and Berlin. I’ve worked for large and small companies in various creative areas. I designed, for example, the layout for a New York nightlife magazine as well as the conception and design of all it’s advertising material. I was faced with similar challenges in the design of the catalog for Sotheby’s, one of the largest auction houses in the world.

In Germany I’ve been busy in the publishing industry. First as art director at Ringier Germany, publishers of Cicero and Monopol Magazines. There we created campaigns, identities and every sort of marketing materials imaginable. One of our specialities at Ringier was personalized actions. We created wraps for the magazines and mailings with personalized greetings, maps and images. Currently I’m working with die taz developing campaigns and advertising for the newspaper, the magazine zeo2 as well as other special projects.

A passion for print and a penchant for creative visual communication give me the motivation to produce creative solutions for a variety of real world marketing problems.